Part 4 of 5: Save Time with Supersets

Hey everyone! This is part 4 in my part 5 series on how to save time while working out. Today I will be talking about two different ways I like to use a technique called supersets to maximize fat loss and save time.

If you have been reading the other parts of the series the concept of supersets will not be too confusing for you. A superset is two exercises paired together and done right after each other with no rest. It is much like a shorter version of a circuit. Supersets are a great tool to increase the intensity in your workouts! I am going to explain two ways that I find supersets work great.

The first way I use supersets with my clients is pairing antagonistic muscle groups. Which means opposite muscle groups. So for example I would pair a chest exercise with a back exercise, lets say bench press and rows. The great thing about pairing two antagonist muscles is that you allow more time for the other muscle to recover. If you were to do two chest exercises in a row, you would not be able to use as much weight for the second exercise because you just pre-fatigued the muscle group. Pairing antagonist muscle groups works best when your goals are increase in strength. As I said before, you can use more weight.

The second way I like to use supersets with my clients is to pair 2 exercises using the same muscle group. However the first exercise will be more of a compound movement and the second will be an isolation movement. For example, pairing the bench press with dumbbell flies. This technique works great when trying to burn fat. For the first movement do 6-8 reps and the second movement do 12-15 reps. You get two rep ranges in the same superset maximizing results.


Here is one example workout you could try at the gym using both superset techniques!


Bench Press 3×6-8


Rows 3×6-8


Squats 3×6-8


Leg Press 3×12-15


Shoulder Press 3×6-8


Dumbbell Lateral Raises 3×12-15


Romanian Deadlift 3×6-8


Hamstring Curl 3×6-8


Plank 3 sets as long as you can hold

So there you have it! Supersets are great way to save time and produce even better results. Try it out and let me know what you think. Keep checking back for the last part in the series!!

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