Optimized Fitness was created to provide high quality services for a great value to anyone and everyone. Here are some reasons why you should choose Nathan Robinson from Optimized Fitness as your personal trainer of choice!

FREE Consultation!!!

Most trainers charge you the going rate of one of their sessions for a consultation, I don’t believe that’s fair. During this consultation we can figure out your exact fitness goals and needs. I also recommend that we take starting pictures and measurements as this is a great way to track your progress and look back on your hard work!

  • Personal Training Programs

All of my programs are created from scratch.  I develop them after hearing what you want to accomplish, this ensures you are recieving exactly what you need!

  • Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

One problem with many personal trainers is that they may know how to make progress in the gym, but many are unaware of dieting, which is a massive factor in your success. I am a certified fitness nutrition coach who can provide you with results at the gym and in the kitchen!