Kelly W. (Asbury, NJ)

“I chose to work with Nate for a couple of reasons. After the birth of my fourth child I was having trouble losing the baby weight. I was also looking to tone up and gain strength. In the month that I have worked with Nate I have lost 10 pounds, my arms and legs have become more tones, and I have gained more strength. Everyday task such as picking up my children have become much easier. It has affected all aspects of my life. The workouts are fun and not boring, he is creative and very motivating. The thing I most enjoy however is the RESULTS! I recommend Optimized Fitness for anyone regardless of their goal!”

Samantha G. (Clinton, NJ)

Dana Hines (Online Client)

“My online personal training experience with Nathan at Optimized Fitness has been very positive and rewarding. I had not done any kind of exercise in a year and half. After having my 3rd child, I wanted to feel better about myself and definitely lose weight. Nathan personalized a routine to help me stay committed to working out and not lose interest. He also helped change my eating habits and mede me more aware of what I was eating. I have more energy, I am stronger and definitely healthier. I would encourage anyone with a fitness goal to train with Nathan. ~Dana Hines