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Online Personal Training - How To Choose the Best Online Personal Trainer

So, you’re telling yourself that it is time to take your fitness to the next level. Whether you’re in a good groove and want to hit a more advanced level, or you’re at level 1, it’s great that you want to improve! But how do you improve? What method is the best for you? Many times this becomes a debate between online personal training, an in-home personal trainer, or a trainer at your gym that can give you personal sessions.

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably strongly considering the idea of an online personal trainer. Good for you, because I’m going to tell you why you’re making the correct choice.

I know that a search like this can be quite overwhelming, and you may not be certain how to find the trainer that is the right fit for you. Fortunately, I will break down frequently asked questions and concerns that people have about online personal training so that I can help you make an informed decision on who to work with.

Let’s start with one of the most popular questions.

How much does online personal training cost?

Cost for online personal training can vary significantly depending on who’s website you visit for training. The average price is generally between $150-$350/month. Now in contrast, let’s compare these numbers to working with a trainer in person. Personal training sessions in person, whether at a gym or in-home, usually cost $60-$150 per session.  

So, as you can see, training online is incredibly affordable. If you wanted daily workouts from your online personal trainer, you could technically receive 30 “sessions” or workouts during a month of personal training for the cost of only 1 to 3 in-person sessions.

You have to be careful when researching these options and prices. I have seen many online personal trainers charging considerably more than $350/month. These are normally “celebrity” type trainers who charge more simply because of how well known they are. Popular instagram fitness models or bodybuilders tend to have a similar price structure, because they leverage a huge number of followers to “prove” that they have a vast fitness knowledge.

The irony here is that the results are generally worse because of how busy they are. These “celebrity” and instagram trainers don’t care about their individual clients, and in many cases it is actually their assistants doing all the work! I’m not the type of person to point fingers and name names, but a very popular online trainer was recently exposed by his assistant, who confessed that she was actually the one creating all the programs and pretending to be the trainer via messaging. The actual “personal trainer” never touched any workouts or programs, but only concerned himself with posting on instagram about himself to gain more clients. When finding an online personal trainer, you really have to be sure of the individual you’re hiring.

Below you can see how I price my training packages. The more months you pre-pay, the cheaper it gets.


Getting Started
$ 245 Monthly
  • Custom Monthly Workouts
  • App Access
  • Nutritional Tracking via App
  • 24/7 Messaging via App
  • Access to Video Library

3 Months Pre-Paid

Getting Serious
$ 195 Monthly
  • Custom Monthly Workouts
  • App Access
  • Nutritional Tracking via App
  • 24/7 Messaging via App
  • Access to Video Library
  • $50 Monthly Discount

6 Months

Fully Committed
$ 150 Monthly
  • Custom Monthly Workouts
  • App Access
  • Nutritional Tracking via App
  • 24/7 Messaging via App
  • Access to Video Library
  • $95 Monthly Discount

Is an online personal trainer for me?

Online personal training isn’t for everyone. Many fitness enthusiasts need a trainer to be physically present at the gym to push them through their workouts or they won’t go. However, if you are looking for someone to hold you accountable and give you every single detail for you to follow in order to achieve real results, and all you have to do is execute the gameplan set before you, an online fitness trainer is the best option. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have drive but just need guidance?
  • Do I already hit the gym but am not seeing results?
  • Am I intimidated by all the information out there and not sure what to do at the gym?

If you answered yes to those questions an online trainer is a great option to help you achieve your fitness goals. If you need someone to be at the gym with you for you to have the motivation to succeed, you are better off looking locally and seeing what type of in-person training is available.

Is Online Training More Effective than In Person?

In my opinion, this question depends in some degree to each individual. In general I view it overall as being definitively more effective. Let’s look at a specific scenario. An individual hires me for a once a week training session. I meet them at the gym for a tough session, really push them hard, and we get a great workout in.

However, once they leave the gym, I have no control over anything they do. Sure, I will give them advice and general tips and guidance on what they can do on their own. However, most clients will just eat like garbage and not work out any other days. Even if they do try to take care of themselves, they often lack the guidance to put a solid fitness program together, making the rest of the week significantly less effective as their one hour of training with me.

With online training, I can execute more control over daily and weekly regimens. All of your workouts for the week are right in front of you. I use an app that helps with accountability, and with your input will show me if you did your workout or not. Inside the app I give nutritional recommendations and can see if you hit nutrition goals as well. This type of full accountability is much more effective, and allows both myself and the client to track progress at any given point, not just during a weekly session.

Before I go any further with the article, here is a little about myself!

About Me

I grew up playing soccer and other sports. I was athletic, but was always small. As I got older and grew I started getting very skinny. Entering high school I was 95 pounds. As you can imagine, I got picked on, and it sucked. Around that time my older brother started getting into powerlifting, so I naturally turned to him for advice concerning how to bulk up and get stronger.

With powerlifting you compete to see who can bench, squat and deadlift the most weight. I competed in a couple of powerlifting events and started to see results.  For the next couple years I obsessively researched everything I could about fitness to the point where it consumed most of my life. I would hate being in class and couldn’t wait to get home to hop on fitness forums and read books.

Fitness Became My Obsession!

When I say I became obsessed with fitness I truly mean it. In high school during study halls I would be doing pushups in the back of the classroom, always getting weird looks and comments. During lunch break I would go to the gymnasium and do pull ups. Other students saw me and started to join in. At one point we had around 15ish guys doing pull ups, pushups and squats during breaks in school. It was awesome! Fun little side story, I was told to stop doing pullups without supervision. I ignored it and got an in-school suspension.

I like handstands. I love my wife.

My Personal Transformation

People started coming up to me saying “What happened man? You used to be so skinny? You’re looking jacked!” I started getting more attention from people and it was such an awesome feeling. I started to think, “Well fitness is my passion, this is such a cool feeling I am getting myself, what if I helped others achieve the same thing?”

It was decided, I was going to be a personal trainer. In my year book you will see next to my future goals was to be a personal trainer.

When I turned 18 I immediately got my personal training certification from the American College of Sports Medicine, which is considered the gold standard in personal training certs. I enrolled in college and got a degree in Exercise Science. Besides that, I did hours upon hours of research on my own, testing things on myself, friends and clients. During that time I started training people at a gym, but quickly realized that I wanted my own business.

I started training people in their homes and the business took off. A couple of years later I transitioned into online training, and I absolutely love it. I still train a few people in their homes and at a fitness studio near my home, but my real passion is online training.

I feel the results I can get people are far superior. It is an effective way to reach out and train people all over the world with even better results.

Here are some before and after photos (and a a hair cut!).

Certifications + Education

FOR Women

Programs created specifically for women to get that toned and curvy look that most are after.  I’ve trained hundreds of women looking to just that.


Looking to get shredded? Gain some muscle? Or maybe work off that “dad bod” (oh how I hate that term). I have the programs to help you hit those goals.




Limited Time Offer!

 For a limited time I am offering 25% off yearly plans.  



How Does Online Training Work?

Online training is essentially the use of technological media to develop an accountability program for individual fitness that is then monitored and adjusted by both trainer and client to achieve maximum results. The methods have changed over the years to become extremely streamline.

There are still some people in the stone age that will send you programs via excel sheet. To be fair, that was my method as well about 5 years ago. I would create the entire workout regimen on an excel sheet, then I send it over to my client. They would have to manually input numbers of weight they used, reps and sets they accomplished, nutritional information like Macros, and any other daily or weekly inputs required.

At the conclusion of each week, I would have my client re-upload the sheet for review. I would then have to download it, make comments and adjustments, and write a new workout for the next week. You can imagine how tedious this was for myself and my clients. And yet, there are still online personal trainers who do this! Or they just sent you a word document with your workout via email.

I do something different that my clients absolutely love: I use a custom training app.

My Training App

I use an app to manage all of my clients. It is an amazing tool that minimizes the previous stresses of communication and further contributes to great results.  Within the app you can view your workouts, see videos attached to exercises showing correct form, go over nutritional goals for the day, view charts highlighting your progress, and so much more.

One tool I really love is the in-app messaging. Do you have a question on an exercise? Maybe need some motivation during your workout? Feel great about a recent achievement and want to mention it? Or perhaps just want to say hi? Send a message in the app and I get a notification just like a text message.

This has made it immensely convenient for me to stay in touch with my clients and ensure they get the best results. Unlike other trainers, I actually want constant communication to keep you progressing. Many online personal trainers will just take your money and barely stay in contact. This will never be the case with me. We’re in this together.

What Does the process look like?

The first step of the process is getting to know you and what your goals are. I will send you a questionnaire that asks various questions such as;

  • What are your goals?
  • Do you have any injuries?
  • What does your workout history look like?
  • Do you currently exercise?
  • Give me an example of what you eat on a normal day?

These and a variety of other questions will give me a good idea on who you are and what you are looking to accomplish. After receiving all of that info I will develop a custom workout program to hit those goals. I will also develop a nutrition plan for you to follow if you are interested. Nutrition plans really help supplement your fitness to achieve goals faster and attain an overall healthier physique.

All of this will be given to you via the app that you can access on your computer or phone, which makes it very convenient. Once you fill in your profile information we can start the program.

As the program goes on you can expect variety and adaptation to be implemented. With many online personal trainers you get weekly workouts that look very similar and sometimes end up being recycled versions of earlier workouts. For me, there is a natural progression to any program. You may excel in some areas and struggle in others. In these cases I will then adapt to help improve weaknesses.

This is where your input is important. The more you can communicate, the better I can adjust workouts to make sure that you are experiencing a constant and consistent stream of progress. The more that we work together, the easier and more effective the overall process will be.

What Kind Of Workouts Can I expect?

My training methods incorporate a variety of different training techniques. One day you may be hitting weights, another day using just bodyweight exercises, another doing hill sprints, and so on. My personal philosophy is that being well-rounded in one’s fitness has the most overall benefit. I see many fitness enthusiasts make the mistake of doing the same thing over and over again in the gym. One of my favorite quotes from Albert Einstein often comes to mind:

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

Your body becomes accustomed to one type of training, and can also lead to overuse injuries. By partaking in different exercises and techniques, you are working out your entire body in ways that keep the body guessing and constantly adapting. This leads to an overall healthy and strong physique.

The routines will certainly change and will often focus on certain methods depending on your goals and what you enjoy, but in general I love mixing it up for my clients and they love it too.

What About Nutrition?

While I am not a registered dietician (although I hold various nutrition certifications), I have done and continue to do extensive nutritional research. I have used this knowledge and experience with my clients and will help guide you nutritionally towards an effective plan. Most of my plans revolve around manipulating macronutrients.

This is a flexible way to diet that still allows you to eat the foods you want in moderation while still hitting your goals. Despite what may be your expectations, you no longer are you stuck with eating chicken and broccoli all day to reach your goals.. Simply put, I will give you numbers of carbs, protein and fat you can eat every day. As a random example, let’s say these were your numbers for the day:

  • 150 grams of protein
  • 45 grams of fat
  • 125 grams of carbs

You can eat whatever you want as long as you hit those numbers. I will certainly go into more detail on how to accomplish this but those are the basics.

Are you at your son’s birthday party and you want to have a slice of pizza or cake? Go for it! I will teach you how to manage your diet so you can still indulge. It is no way to live your life completely abstaining yourself from things you love to eat. In fact, I’ve found that having a convenient nutritional plan that allows for indulgences helps to further your commitment and motivation, because you’re not stressing about your diet at all, so it doesn’t hinder your dedication.

Why Should You Work With Me?

There are tons of different trainers that you can decide to work with and it can be overwhelming to choose the right trainer. Here are some reasons why I think you’d love working with me.


I have been training people for over 10 years. I work out of a fitness studio, do in home training and of course do online training. Because of all my experience I have worked with a ton of different people. I know what works and what doesn’t.

No False Expectations

With experience comes knowledge on what you can expect. A significant negative concerning the fitness industry is that you see all these magazines or ads that offer promises like “gain 40 pounds of muscle in 1 month like so and so actor! All you have to do is take this supplement!” Yeah, okay. The only way that type of result will happen is if that “supplement” rhymes with “bearoids.” Together we will set realistic goals and I will do everything I can to help you hit them

I've Been There

As I shared in my story earlier in this article, I used to be an insanely skinny guy that got picked on. I know how fitness can completely change people's lives.

I Genuinely Care

I know this is an easy one to say, but I honestly care about helping you change your life. It is a hard feeling to put into words when someone tells you they can fit into those old jeans again. Or that they were at a pool party and every single person was complimenting them on how they look. I’ve had clients come to me literally crying saying how much their life has changed. This is one of the greatest feelings in the world. On top of all that, guess what? If I help you get amazing results, you are bound to tell others! Which helps my business grow.

Affordable Pricing

You will find my pricing very affordable compared to other online trainers. I also priced things in a way that if you commit to more months the price drops.

Constant Communication

I am extremely responsive and like to stay in close contact with all my clients. Even if you don’t message me during the week, I will more than likely shoot you a message to see how your workouts are going. I believe this creates an amazing bond between client and trainer, and helps contribute further towards the success of the program.

No Cookie Cutter Programs

There are some trainers, again I won’t name names, that have been caught giving the same program over and over again. I will say that a lot of my programs have a common theme since I have specific workouts that I know produce better results than others. However, I will never copy and paste a program from one client to another. Each individual program is custom made for that individual’s goals, so re-skinning a regimen wouldn’t be effective. Say you were a woman who wanted to get toned but really wanted to focus on increasing the size of your butt. I would create a program specifically geared toward “glute gains” (Now that is a funny term).

Nutritonal Guidance

As I mentioned before, I help set you up on an awesome nutrition plan. Unlike other trainers who try to be more hardcore and limit you to certain foods, I have a flexible way that is sustainable long term. You can’t just eat chicken and broccoli all day, that is no way to live! I will teach you to diet in a manner that still allows you to go out with friends for dinner and have a normal nutritional social life.

Who Shouldn't Work With me?

If you are prepping for a bodybuilding show, or need advice on how to cycle the supplement that rhymes with “bearoids”, I am not the right trainer for you. I do not have experience with either, especially the contest prep leading up to a show. For this you are better off seeking out a bodybuilding-specific trainer with a great track record.

Although I love the sport and do follow it, I would not be your best option.

For anyone else looking to just transform their body, lose some fat, gain some muscle and/or just feel great, I’m your guy!

Do YOu Train Men and Women?

Of course! I will say that the majority of people that come to me are women aged 35-55 but I have certainly trained every age group.

I love helping guys get shredded and put on some muscle. Helping dad’s fight off that classic “dad bod”. Getting a bride in shape for her wedding. Getting a woman back in shape after kids. The list goes on and on!

What Kind of Results Can I expect?

These are just some general numbers and they can depend on experience, age, weight, etc, but here it goes. If you are looking to lose weight, I like to keep the weight loss at 1-2 pounds per week. Any more than that and you can start to lose muscle which is a big no-no. If you have 100+ pounds to lose than this number can be a little bigger. I personally like taking my clients on a healthy, sustainable and consistent weight loss journey.

Im sure you have seen those people who lose a ton of weight only to put it back on. They usually starve themselves with a crash diet, and once they are off the diet, BOOM! it comes back on. With my methods you will shed off the weight at an effective rate. Once it goes off, it stays off!

Commitment levels vary between individuals, often due to work schedules, kids, or other factors that all have to be accounted for when my clients and I determine a program. Someone who can workout 5 days a week is going to achieve quicker results than someone who can only workout twice. However, both individuals can still achieve solid, consistent results. We will discuss the timeline for results based on the commitment levels your are willing and able to utilize.

Results also depend on the type of goals you have. I mentioned weight loss above but obviously weight loss won’t be every person’s goal when it comes to developing a fitness program with an online personal trainer. You may want to put on weight, you may want to tone, or you may want to maximize your ability in a specific sport. All of these goals require different programs, and lead to different results.

Putting on weight varies quite a bit from person to person. Some can put on weight quickly, but may be at risk for putting on fat quickly, not just muscle. Others that may have exceptionally fast metabolisms will find it much harder to put on weight and can’t expect the same results as someone else that doesn’t have the same issues. The key is being patient with yourself and with your online personal trainer. I will give you a program that works, that I guarantee. But if you get frustrated when you haven’t put on 10 pounds in a month, that lack of patience may further hinder progress.

Toning is extremely popular amongst online personal training clients. These type of programs look to sculpt your body by some combination of shedding a bit of bodyfat while putting on some muscle. This is not an easy feat by any means, and results again vary between individuals. Once again, however, it is about patience and commitment. My programs have been proven to work, and if you’re committing to the program and communicating with me, your toning results will come into fruition.

I love training athletes, because I am an athlete myself. While I can’t help with the technical or tactical aspects of the sport you’re partaking in, what I can do is maximize your potential through specifically tailored exercises that increase speed, strength, or agility that is utilized in your sport. This may mean sprints or other cardio to increase cardiovascular fitness, or could mean increasing core or leg strength for explosiveness. Whatever your sport may be, I can get you results that leave you physically prepared to exceed.

Regardless of what you want to achieve, I do everything possible to help you reach your goals in an efficient and sustainable way.

Thanks For Reading!

If you got through this massive article I really appreciate you taking the time to read it. In my opinion, the more infromation I can give people the better they can make an educated decision on choosing to work with me or not. If you have any questions at all on my services or a fitness question in general feel free to shoot me a message!

I really look forward to possibly working with you and helping you reach all of your fitness goals!

Below you fill find rates and a contact form if you wish to find out more.

– Nathan Robinson

ONLINE training Rates

* I posted this earlier in the article but here are my online personal training rates.


Getting Started
$ 245 Monthly
  • Custom Monthly Workouts
  • App Access
  • Nutritional Tracking via App
  • 24/7 Messaging via App
  • Access to Video Library

3 Months Pre-Paid

Getting Serious
$ 195 Monthly
  • Custom Monthly Workouts
  • App Access
  • Nutritional Tracking via App
  • 24/7 Messaging via App
  • Access to Video Library
  • $25 Monthly Discount

6 Months

Fully Committed
$ 150 Monthly
  • Custom Monthly Workouts
  • App Access
  • Nutritional Tracking via App
  • 24/7 Messaging via App
  • Access to Video Library
  • $55 Monthly Discount

What People Say About Me

My online personal training experience with Nathan at Optimized Fitness has been very positive and rewarding. I had not done any kind of exercise in a year and half. After having my 3rd child, I wanted to feel better about myself and definitely lose weight. Nathan personalized a routine to help me stay committed to working out and not lose interest. He also helped change my eating habits and made me more aware of what I was eating. I have more energy, I am stronger and definitely healthier. I would encourage anyone with a fitness goal to train with Nathan.

Dana Hines

Online Client

Quote I'm loving

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

– Albert Einstein

I can directly relate this quote to the fitness world. Most people do the same workout over and over again, never changing it up. They end up looking exactly the same and never progressing.

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    58 thoughts on “Best Online Personal Trainer | Training – Optimized Fitness – How To Choose”

    1. Hello, I am a 5’9 45 year old male who weighs 225. I want to lose around 20 pounds. How long do you think this would take?

    2. Hey George,

      Thanks for the comment. The time period can depend on a lot of factors and how your body reacts. Everyone is different. However, here is what I would estimate.

      If we shot for 1-2 pounds per week, it would take around 10-20 weeks to lose 20 pounds. I typically don’t like my clients to lose much more than that per week. Reason being you are at risk of muscle loss and the weight just coming back on. If we go for 1-2 pounds per week it will be more natural for your body and will stay off a lot easier.

      On the other hand, some people just lose weight quicker than others. It all comes down to the individual. With all that said, I would say on the low time frame 2 months and the high end 4 months. We could certainly do it quicker than that but I would not recommend it.

      If you have any other questions please shoot me a message!

      Nathan Robinson

    3. The constant communication sounds awesome. So we just download some sort of app and can message you whenever we want? That sounds perfect.

      1. Hey Amy,

        Yes I use a custom fitness app where you can message me directly. The app is amazing, everything is stored right in the app. If you had a quick question at the gym you would just open up the app and shoot me a message. I am pretty quick to respond as it is almost like text messaging. I am of course available via email too!

    4. Hello Nathan, just got through that entire article…phew! That was long. But very informative thank you. I had a question. I am not looking to really lose much weight, just tone up. I am leaning towards pre-paying for maybe the 3 months. Is this normally what people do?

      1. Hey Melissa!

        Yeah it took a while to write up! Glad you liked it. I can definitely help you tone up.

        In regards to how which package to use, yes you are correct most people do go for 3 months. You get a discount but are not paying too much upfront. It is a nice balance. If you have any other questions please send me an email. Thanks!

      1. Hey Susan,

        The Paleo diet is great, I just find it a little hard to stick to. I believe pretty much any diet works as long as you stick to it. Paleo diet is an awesome and healthy way to eat if you can stick to it! I prefer the IIFYM diet myself and for my clients, but I can also assist in setting you up on the Paleo Diet if that is what you want to do.

    5. I have been researching online personal training as opposed to a trainer in person. The big thing for me is the lower price. I do however have some fears with not knowing how to do exercises and things like that. Have you ever taken a complete beginner and trained them online? What are some things you can do to help explain the exercises without being there?

      1. Hey Mary!

        Glad you came across my website in your research. There is certainly a benefit of having a trainer in person when you are just starting off. However, I do my best to explain every exercise in detail so you do not injure yourself when exercising. I have videos to explain every exercise so you can visually see it. One thought I had is that a lot of gyms have an intro session or a gym orientation where they show you form on exercises. You could take that class or maybe hire a trainer for a single sessions and go over a bunch of things. If you have a friend into fitness I am sure they could help you out as well.

        I can certainly understand the fear when you are just starting off but I would do my absolute best to guide you through everything!

        1. Thanks Nathan! I’m going to see what my gym has available but will also be emailing you for some more information on your programs. I appreciate the quick response.

    6. Hi, I am a high school senior and am looking to get ripped for spring and summer. I figure now is a good time to start, being a couple months away. Do you have plans for this?

      1. Hey Tanner,

        Yes I could certainly help you out with that! Not sure if you saw my before and after shots but that is essentially what I did. Depending on what you are looking like now I may suggest we pack on some muscle instead. If we are looking at the big picture, you are in your prime for growth. You should be focusing on putting on as much muscle as possible at this stage in your life. Unfortunately it is very unlikely to put on muscle and lose fat at the same time. Unless you are some not to legal substances.

        Obviously if you want to just shred down for summer we could certainly do that. I would however like to talk things over with you and make suggestions on another route we may take.

    7. Do you have programs for people with limited equipment? I I don’t have time to go to the gym and only have a few dumbbells at home.

      1. Hello Krishna,

        Thanks for the comment. Yes I can certainly create a program with limited equipment. I incorporate a lot of bodyweight training in my own training as well as my clients.

    8. I just wanted to comment and say that my experience so far with Nathan has been awesome. I started last week. I really enjoy the app that he uses to communicate and deliver the program. It makes it extremely easy to have everything in one place. It’s also very nice to just go to the gym, open up the workout and not have to think about anything. Whether the program I am doing is what I should be doing. Or just aimlessly wandering around the gym like I used to do. Performing exercises here and there.

      The diet he has me on is very interesting. I never heard of this type of diet but I certainly enjoy it. You barely feel like you are dieting. I signed up for 3 months and am excited to see what kind of results I get! Thanks Nathan.

      1. Catherine, you rock! Thanks for the awesome comment, I really appreciate it. I know you are going to kill it for these 3 months. I look forward to working with you and helping you reach your goals!

      1. optimizedfitness

        Hey Regina!

        Glad to hear that you have decided on a healthy New Year’s resolution. I would love to help you stick to the resolution and hit your goals. 50 pounds is certainly doable in a year. I would like to know some more information though on your age, weight, height etc… This way we can set some realistic time frames and form a plan of attack. I look forward to hearing back from you!

      1. optimizedfitness

        Hey Karen!

        I can definitely create a program that puts more of a focus on arms. With that said, you can’t really spot reduce to a certain degree. So we would be working on toning the whole body. But we can throw in some extra things to hit the arms a bit harder.

    9. I have a wedding coming up in December. I really want to look my best for my husband and when we go on the honeymoon. Do you ever train brides to be? I will send you a message too.

      – Carloyn

      1. optimizedfitness

        Hello Carolyn,

        Thank you for the message. Yes I get women looking to get in shape for their wedding all the time! I have some specialized programs for this. Almost like a bridal bootcamp.

        I know how much a wedding means and I do my best to help you get into amazing shape for it. Not to mention looking stunning on your honeymoon!

        I just got your message and will respond there for further communication. Thanks for the comment!

      1. optimizedfitness

        Hey Mark,

        Is it possible? Yes. Is it recommended? Not really. If you lost that much weight in that short time period a lot of it would be muscle. Unless you are very overweight that is a different story.

        I typically like to keep my clients around 1-2 pounds per week for weight loss. This is a nice rate where you retain muscle mass and don’t lose it too fast.

    10. Hello, do people normally pre-pay months or just go by monthly? This looks to be a lot cheaper than hiring a trainer at my gym. For me, I don’t really need someone at the gym with me. I just need some guidance on the best exercises and protocols to use. I am fit and in my 40’s. I have a home gym as well as access to a Planet Fitness.

      1. optimizedfitness

        Hello Susan,

        Thanks for the interest. Most people pre-pay months because it is cheaper. This also commits you to sticking with the program.

        Unfortunately a lot of people get excited about a fitness program and stop pretty early on. By pre-paying you are less likely to do this and it ends up being cheaper. 3 months is a nice sweet spot to get into a routine.

        That is great to hear about your equipment access! For convenience I would probably split up your workouts with some being at Planet Fitness and some being at home. But we can talk about that further. I look forward to possibly working with you!

    11. I am in highschool and looking to build some muscle and maybe lose some fat. My parents told me I can try to find a personal trainer and I came across your page. I also filled out the contact form a couple minutes ago.

      1. optimizedfitness

        Hey Chris!

        Thanks for reaching out. Highschool is when I started taking working out seriously. Would love to work with you and help reach your goals. To start we would probably work on building a ton of muscle. You are in a prime state now to build a solid muscular base for your entire life. As you get older it is much harder to build muscle. Now is the time!

        I just saw your message and I responded to it.

      1. optimizedfitness

        Hey PJ,

        This is kind of a difficult question to answer as peoples opinions on “results” can vary. The first week you could lose 2 pounds, gain 5 pounds on your bench or take 10 seconds off your mile time. The first month you could lose 10 pounds etc… it all depends on your goals and what kind of program we go on.

        Typically the first drastic results can be seen in the first 3 months. I treat fitness as a marathon not a sprint. We will keeping making small progression to create a big result long term.

      1. optimizedfitness

        Hey Stephen!

        I would have to see photos of yourself and get some more info on past workout history. At that weight, unless youv’e been seriously working out hard and have a lot of muscle, it might be a good idea to do a little cut first to get the body fat down. I’d love to discuss further via email. Shoot me a message!

    12. Do you have any experience training young teenagers? I have a son who is looking to get into shape, break some bad habits and improve his self confidence.

      1. optimizedfitness

        Hello Gretchen,

        Yes I have a lot of experience with this. I have run tons of youth fitness programs. As well as having specialty certifications in youth fitness. Besides that, I really enjoy helping young teens get into shape. I was picked on for being very skinny in highschool. I know what changing your body can do for your self confidence and life in general.

        I’d love to help get your son into shape and set him up on the right path for years to come. Shoot me over an email and we can chat some more!

    13. In your opinion, how many days a week should you workout to get results? I have read so many different things and not sure what to believe.

      1. optimizedfitness

        Hello Tina,

        At minimum you want to be at 3-4 days a week. On non workout days I like to tell people to stay active. Whether that be going for a walk, hiking, playing a sport and anything in between! Feel free to send me a message and I can give you some more information. Thanks for the comment!

    14. How does the app work? Sounds interesting. I tried a trainer in the past who sent me PDF print outs and it was pretty annoying to bring to the gym.

      1. optimizedfitness

        Hey Thiago!

        I am obsessed with the online platform I used. In the past I would send people excel sheets and they would have to send them back to me. Now with my app, all your workouts will be in the palm of your hand. Including video demonstrations of all exercises. You can even directly message me within the app whenever you want like text message.

        It is really a game changer in convenience for my clients to access their workouts.

      1. optimizedfitness

        Hey Allison,

        In regards to weight loss I generally like to manipulate carbs as something we gradually decrease. Are the bad for you? Not necessarily. Too much of anything is bad for you. It also depends on your activity/fitness level.

        For the general public I do believe that people eat too may carbs when compared to fat and protein.

    15. Awesome pricing. I just signed up for 3 months. If I get good results I will certainly purchase more!

    16. Do I have to do cardio? I hate it LOL! Probably interested in your toning programs. 40 years old, mother of 3. I sent you a message a couple minutes ago. Thanks.

      1. optimizedfitness

        Hey Kim,

        Cardio can certainly suck! I hate it too. I have my clients do different things to get cardio benefits instead of running on a treadmill like a hamster for 30 minutes. I got your message and responded. I look forward to speaking with you further and possibly working together!

    17. Your before and after photos are pretty much what I want to do. I don’t want/need to be too big or bulky. Would like to be just ripped and lean. More athletic looking.

      1. optimizedfitness

        Hey Clint, would love to get you there! I think oftentimes people overestimate how big they can get muscularly. It is very difficult to look like a bodybuilder. However, achieving a ripped athletic look is certainly doable! I have helped many people to achieve this. Hope you sign up and we can work together.

    18. Carrie LeBlanc

      I have a friend who tried out an online training program. She said she really liked it. I am doing my research now and came across your website. Pricing seems really good compared to others. I think I will sign up but I have a couple additional questions. I will send them over now.

      1. optimizedfitness

        Hi Carrie,

        Thanks for the comment. Glad you came across my website. Yes I like to keep my pricing very competitive. I did not receive your email yet but I will keep an eye out for it and respond as soon as I get it. Have a great day!

      1. optimizedfitness

        Hey Bryan!

        It depends on what you are doing when you go to the gym. If you are lifting heavy weights 7x a week I wouldn’t really recommend that. If 3-4 days are weights and the others are cardio, abs, yoga, etc… that is completely fine. Most people are good with 4 days a week!

    19. I absolutely NEED to lose 20 pounds. Over the years I just keep putting on more and more weight. Need to make a change. Thank you.

      1. optimizedfitness

        Hello Rene,

        Thanks for the message. No I do not provide that (it would actually be illegal). I recommend going to a physical therapy practice. Alternatively they also have in home physical therapists. It would depend on what your insurance will pay for. Good luck with the recovery!

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