Different Types of Pull Ups

When it comes to pull ups there are a lot of different options. Some hit more of your biceps and others hit more of your back. In this article I will go over the different types of pull ups and which you can include in your training programs.

Pull Up:  A regular pull up is the most common pull up exercises. Grab a bar with palms away from your body. Grab a bar with shoulder width grip. Make sure to hang from the bar fully extended. Pull up until your chin goes over the bar. Lower yourself in a controlled motion.

To mix it up you can try wide or narrow grips. A regular pull up is primarily a back exercise.

Chin Up:

Chin ups are the same motion as a pull up but instead you have your palm facing you. These hit your biceps more than your back. Depending on your body type, these are typically easier to perform than a regular pull up. Especially in women.

1 Arm Pull Up/Chin Up:

These sound exactly what they are. You perform either a chin up or a pull up with one arm. These are extremely difficult and I rarely ever run into someone who can do these.

Type Writer Pull Up:

Get into a pull up and get to the top. You are then going to go side to side with your chin over the bar. These are an advanced movement and you shouldnt even attempt them until you can do at least 10 strict pull ups.

Head Bangers:

These are a cool exercise but a bit advanced. Get into a chin up and go to the top position. Extend back as far as you can in a fast motion and then back to over the bar.

Band Assisted Pull Ups:

If you cannot do a pull up, you can put a band around your feet to make it easier. The band will help you gain the strength needed to perform a pull up. The band will give more assistance at the bottom and less at the top.

Towel Pull Ups:

These are a forearm killer. Throw a towel around the bar and grab each end of it. Pull up and down. These are great for athletes, especially wrestlers.

Sternum Pull Ups:

With a sternum pull up you grab each side of the bar. And pull up until you get to your sternum. These are great for your biceps.

Front Lever Pull Ups:

Front lever pull ups are extremely advanced. You need to be able to do a front lever. After you can do that you will pretty much be doing horizontal pull ups.

Stepping Pull Ups:

This is more of a fun thing to do. You can pretend to be stepping on air while doing pull ups. To switch it up more you can try doing it to a song. You will see these videos popping all up on social media.

Australian Pull Ups:

Australian pull ups are pretty much horizontal pull ups. A lot of people use rings for these.

Weighted Pull Ups:

If a regular pull is too easy, slap on a weight belt to make it easier.

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