Different Types of Training Splits

When it comes to workouts there are a lot of different options.There are some people who prefer to switch up their body parts into different days. Or others who put them all on the same day.

In this article I will go over a bunch of different options you can use when scheduling your workouts.

Full Body:

Full body workouts are normally used by beginners. With these workouts you hit every muscle group on the same day. The best thing about full body workouts is that you hit your muscles frequently. Frequency is key to muscular growth. Especially in naturals. These workouts were made famous by the likes of Reg Park.

Split Routines:

Split routines or bro splits is a workout where you do a specific muscle groups on a day. You will have one day for chest, one day for arms and so on. The great thing about these is that you can use various exercises within the same workout. Thus hitting the muscle at different angles. You can also go a bit harder than usual, making the intensity great. The downside is that you won’t hit the muscles frequently. This can be detrimental t natural lifters.

Push Pull Legs:

In this workout you will have one day dedicated to pushing movements, one to pulling and one to legs. It is the best of both worlds where you get more frequency but also multiple exercises and intensity.

Upper Lower Split:

This split is exactly how it sounds. On one day you do upper body exercises and on the other you do lower body exercises.

So what is best? I personally like either the upper lower split or push pull legs. I feel you get a good mix of each.

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