Which Squat is Best?

With all the different variations of squats it is hard to decide what is the best one to do in your training. In my opinion it s great to mix it up with different variation and do not keep it all the same.

If I had to pick an all time favorite it would certainly be the front squat. With the front squat you place the bar across the front of your shoulders. You can either put your hands under the bar bent, put your arms crossed in front of you or some people like using strap. What you choose to do is a personal choice. There are fan boys and girls in each one. I do notice that when the weight gets quite heavy you might want to use some strengths so your wrists don’t get messed up.

Back Squat:

The back squat is the most popular variation. With this version the bar goes across your back. Some people choose to put a bad across their back if it hurts. That is a personal preference. I personally do not like the back squat too much. I find it doesnt hit your quads as well as the front squat.

Goblet Squat:

With a goblet squat you hold a kettlbell in front of your body and perform a squat.

Bulgarian Split Squat:

Place one leg on the ground and the other on a bench. Do a lunging motion down and up. If it is too easy grab some dumbells.

Bodyweight Squat:

How about using no weights? Bodweight squats are an extremely convenient way to get a leg workout in with limited equipment. They are simply a squat using your bodyweight. One of my favorite things to do is go outdoors and hit a workout. Sometimes bodyweight squats can be a little too easy, here are some ways to make them harder.

Jump Squats:

Perform squats but jump up in the air. It should be a smooth movement where when you land you drop right into another squat. To make things interesting you can try jumping up a hill or even across a field.

Pistol Squats:

Also called one legged squats. These require flexibility as well as strength. Some people posses the strength but not the flexibility. These are an awesome movement.

One thing to do to make bodyweight squats harder is to focus on the eccentric or do pauses at the bottom.


Ever heard the song bring sally up bring sally down? Well enter this torture challenge. When the song says bring sally up you go up. When it says bring sally down you go to the lower position and hold it until he says bring sally up again. Try to complete the entire song in this motion. To make things even harder, try putting some weight on your back performing a back squat.

For leg training in general I like keeping the reps high and focusing on the eccentric phase. I feel going to heavy can sometimes wreck your knees and back. Legs seem to respond better to high rep workouts as well.

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